Park Premium Domain to Xtgem Wapsite

Introduction :

People hating wapsite builders for two reasons , The first one because of the sub-domain and the second one was the footer ads . Wapmasters always want their wapsite different from other wapsites , For that they must have their own unique identity . Now Xtgem allowing their members to park up to 3 Premium domains to their wapsites . Having a unique domain wapmasters can make their site well different and unique . Through this article you will learn about parking domain to the wapsite which built on Xtgem wapsite builder . 

How to Park a Premium Domain to My Xtgem Wapsite :

Remember , Xtgem not allow any free domains to park on their server , They only allow domains like .com , .in , .net , Etc . Now allowed .ga , .tk , Etc .
  • Log in to your Domain Controle Panel and change Domain Name server to "" and "" .
  • Log in to your Xtgem Wapsite Builder A/c .
  • Enter to the Xtgem wapsite which you want to Park Domain .
domain parking steps
  • On the Building Panel click on the "Settings" Then on the Popup window click on the "Domain Parking".
  • Now enter your Premium Domain in the Textbox without using www. or http:// and click on the "Park" .
  • You are Done . It will take 24 hours to change the effect . 
By parking a premium domain to your Xtgem wapsite , You can suggest your wapsite to any of your friends and relatives easily . Also it will make your wapsite goodwill more than now . 

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