Xtgem Redirecting Code

Introduction :

Most of the wapmasters in Xtgem wapsite builder where build both PC version and Mobile version to get higher ranking in Search Engines and for getting more traffic . But some other wapmasters where create PC Version using Website Builders and its mobile version using Xtgem . On this case the Web version need to insert a code from Xtgem to redirect when people browsing the Webversion site using mobiles to redirect to the Xtgem wapsite . Through this article you will learn about the Xtgem redirect code which helps you to redirect the mobile users from web version .

How to Redirect My Web-Version Users to Mobile Version  :

It is very easy to redirect users from web version to mobile version of Xtgem site using a simple redirecting code when people browsing web version using smartphone  or mobile phone . Xtgem already developed a Java-script which will help you to do this .

How to Get The Redirecting Code From Xtgem Wapsite Builder :

It is very easy to get the Redirecting code from Xtgem wapsite builder . For each wapsite you created in Xtgem have their own Xtgem Mobile Redirecting Code . To get your Xtgem wapsite builder mobile redirecting code , Follow the steps given below .
  • Log in to your Xtgem Wapsite Builder A/c .
  • Enter to the Xtgem wapsite which you want to get the Redirect Code  .
Redirect Code From Xtgem
  • Click on the "Panel" on the "Right Header" of the Xtgem Building Tool .
  • Copy & Paste the JavaScript which showed below the "Change" Button to the Web version of your Xtgem mobile site . 
By redirecting your visitors from web version to the mobile version , It will help your mobile users to access your content easier than Web version .

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