Increase Search Engine Traffic By Adding Multiple Language

Introduction :

Google updating their Search Algorithm day by day for improving their Search Experience . In the previous algorithm , They are using the Domain Extension for determine Ranking in Country Wise . But now they are using a new technology along with the old Domain Extension technology for determine Ranking in Country . In the olden algorithm , If the Domain Extension was .IN then the website will rank more on India , But with the new algorithm , They are using both the Domain Extension and Languages for Ranking in Country . You can read more from the below paragraphs .  

Domain Extension Format :

We already know that , Google using Domain Extension's like .COM , .IN , .US ,Etc for determine website Ranking in Country wise . If a website that created by parking the .IN domain , Then the website will get more traffic from India than the other country from the Search Engine . 

Multiple Language Format :

In the new Multiple Language format , The website with .IN Domain Extension can also Rank in other country's like Spanish , Franc , Italy , Etc . The website developer must have to create pages for the other Languages . 

Example : Normal site address :
Example : Multiple Language :

How to Increase Search Traffic By Adding Multiple Languages :

To increase your Search Engine traffic by using the Multiple Language Option , You have to create a sub domain along with your Primary Domain address , Also you need to translate all your existing  Primary Domain page's to the other languages using any Translating Tool and copy down to the Sub Domain directory . Then you to follow the rules that given below .
  • Go to the Page that you wish to get more traffic from other country .
  • Edit the Page and add the below code to the header of the page before the </head> .
<link rel=”alternate” hreflang="en" href="" />
  • On the hreflang="en" change the "en" to other language , That the page you translated .
  • Change the href="" to the address of the duplicated page that you translated .  
Example : If i duplicated a page of my website for the Country Language Franc , The that will be like the following .

Normal Page Address :
Franc Page Address :

If a user from India search the page using Google Search Engine , Then the user will come's to the normal page . If a user search the same page from Franc then , He will automatically comes to the "Franc Page Address" The translated page address of the same "Normal Page Address" .

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