Xtgem Android App

Introduction :

We know that almost every website owners like Flip-kart , Myntra , Etc have their own Android Applications . Because most of the users where browsing internet using mobile phones , Especially using Smartphones . So by creating an Android Application they can increase their market much than before . Like every company's Xtgem Wapsite Builder also developed a Android Application for their wapsite developing members . 

Features of Xtgem Android Application :

Xtgem Android App mainly developed for Xtgem bloggers , By using the Android App Xtgem users can create New-posts , Check comments , Set navigation , Etc . Users can subscribe to the Blogs & Authors who are publishing interesting stuffs like Funny Pics , Informative Post , Etc .
  • Can Create New Blog Posts .
  • Can Check Comments & Replay .
  • Can Subscribe to Other Blogs .
  • Can Preview Your Blog .
  • Can Create New Blog .
  • Can Change Template .
  • Can Set Navigation Menu .
  • Can View New Post's By Other Author & Featured Post's .
Xtgem Android Application will support with almost every Android Mobile Phones , Xtgem android will also help you to create mobile site , But it is limited with the android app , So you can create complete mobile site using the official site of Xtgem wapsite builder . 

Download Xtgem Android App :

Download Xtgem Android App : Download From Google Play 
Xtgem Android App don't have the complete function to create mobile site . To design the mobile site as per your wish you can access to Xtgem official site . 

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