Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Introduction :

We already know many tricks and tips of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Optimize website and blog for Search Engines especially for Google Search Engine . Google where updating their Search Engine Algorithm day by day for improving their search experience . While website developers where updating website for getting more traffic from Search Engine's . Most of the webmasters where doing the old SEO strategies for Optimizing their website for Search Engine , But intend of doing the old method , Optimizing website with new SEO strategies will help you get  more traffic from Search Engines .

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies : 

  • Advanced Coding & Html Tutorials .
  • Advanced Back-link Building .
  • Advanced User Friendly Designing  .

Advanced Coding & Html Tutorials :

Most of the webmasters where doing great mistakes while developing their website , They don't care about their Meta Tags , Meta Descriptions ,  Navigation Bar , Sidebar , Etc .

Meta Tags & Description :

Actually for Search Engine Optimization Meta Tag or Meta Description don't have a high role only 2% or 5% . But also make you get more CTR from Search Engines . People Always try to read the description below the Title of each Search Results . So try to add Meta Description for each page that you create even if it website or blog .

Back-Link Building :

Webmasters always trying to make back-links from other site to their website for ranking higher in Google Search Engine . Because of the Algorithm updates , Webmasters can't make high quality back-links than before . Previous days's webmasters where make back-links by Commenting , Guest Posting , Etc . But after the Algorithm update of Follow and No-Follow , Almost every webmasters where loosed their high quality Back-Links . 

Quality Back-links Means :

It is very impotent thing that you want to know while making Back-links from another site's . If you have a website that publishing Web Designing contents . Then it is better you to make Back-Links from Forums and Websites which related to Web-Designing , Web-Development ,Etc . Back-links from Un-Categorized websites don't have high quality . 

Back-Links from High Page Rank website also have High Quality , Remember , Some website sites where selling Back-Links . Don't buy Back-Links from such websites , Because of the Follow and No-Follow Back-Link rules . Page Rank of those website will transferred to other websites they linked with , If the Rank transfer to you , Then you are lucky or you will lose the money .

Don't make thousand's of Back-Links from one site , It will make you loosing Back-Link value from that website you linked with . Google have many other strategies to detect weather a Back-Link is good or not . 

User-Friendly Web Designing :

Actually this topic is for old web-developers because , Almost every new webmasters where developing website in Responsive Mode , Also most of them where getting more Priority for Navigation Menu

Navigation Menu of Website :

Google Crawler always start the Crawling from the header of the Website , If Header of a website don't have a Navigation Menu then Crawler can't crawl whole website completely . Without crawling Search Engine's will never index your content on Search Results .

Responsive Designing : 

We know that , Most of the people where using Mobile Phones for Surfing Internet . Google Algorithm updates getting a special priority rank for the website which is more mobile friendly , So if your website is not user-friendly try to make it Responsive and make it user-friendly . 

URL Structure :

Google hates the website which have long length URL . Google depending the Title , URL Structure and Meta Description to understand what the website really have . So without having a good URL Structure you can't Optimize your website well for Search Engines .

Example : - Good URL Structure .
Example : - Bad URL Structure .

So try to make your URL Structure good and less lengthy , Then only you can optimize your website well for Google and all other Search Engines .

Title Tag :

Title Tag is more important for Search Engine Optimization , Website with boring Title will lose their Rank and CTR Rate on Search Engines gradually . 

Example : Advanced Search Engine Optimization Tutorial - 100% Attractive .
Example : advanced search engine optimization - 0% Attractive .

So try to make your Website Title always at 100% Attractive mode . It will make your site get high Rank on Search Engine also the chance of getting click's from Search Engine also will increase .

Try to learn more Ultimate Topic's that related to the modern SEO from the Suggested Articles , All of them will allow you to increase your Search Engine traffic .

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