Increase Your Blog Page Speed

Introduction :

When i am searching on Google i always prefer speedy website than the low website . I only choose the low speed website when i don't have any alternative websites . So like me every people likes the fastest website . Because of this Google just changed their Algorithm with an additional feature , Blog or Website with high speed will be more ranked on Google Search Engine . So it is very important to increase your blog or website page speed much higher and reduce the loading time .

Google Page Speed Tool :

Google always try to publish tools to improve the website developers website quality . After the improvement of new Algorithm they just published a new tool to improve the speed of the website and blogs . All webmasters can check their website speed with the Google Page Speed Tool and improve their website speed by appending the suggestions by the tool .

How to Improve My Blog Speed Using The Page Speed Tool :

You can easily increase your blog speed by using the Page Speed Tool , To improve your blog speed , Follow the basic steps that given below this paragraph .
  • First of all you need to get in to : Google Page Speed Tool .
  • Enter your Website Address and click on the "Analyse" Button .
You can see your blog speed in score wise , Google calculating the website speed in case of Score , That means if your site score is 40 or Below 65 out of 100 , Then your site is at Risk . If your site score is 65 or more than it out of 100 , Then your site is at safe-zone .

How to Increase My Speed If My Blog Speed Score Is Below 65 :

Generally all bloggers and website developers doing the same problem's , Which leading their website to low loading speed . Here above this paragraph you can study about increasing blog-speed using the general methods .

Reduce The Size of The Images In Blog :

Many bloggers thought that by decreasing the size of the image , The Quality of the image will be decrease . Actually its right , But there is lot of tools available on the internet to decrease the size of the image without loosing its Quality . Here i will suggest you some of the tools which will help you to decrease the size of the image without loosing its Quality .
Try to decrease all the image size . Some images may be integrated inside your CSS , Try to reduce that image size also . Without reducing the image size , You can't reduce the loading time of your blog .

Eliminate Render Blocking Java-Script & CSS :

If you are using Blogspot for blogging then it is better to less concentrate on this area , Because Blogspot don't have their own storage space to store Java-Script and CSS . They always need to store their Java-Script and CSS on other Cloud Storage . But Blogspot users can maximum deffer the Render Blocking Java-Script & CSS with the following methods given below . You can do the same method on your Wordpress or Privet Blogging CMS .
  • Try to add the Java-Script at the Footer of your Blogger Blog . 
  • Try to add Asynchronous Tags inside the Java-script .  
Example of Adding Asynchronous Tag : 
<script async='async' src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script async src="//"></script>
The "Async" Tag will make you Java-Script on the blog to load at last time , After all the other things which loaded on your blog when a visitor visit your blog .

Activate CloudFlare CDN For Your Blog :

You can increase your Blog speed by Activating CloudFlare CDN on your Blog . For Blogspot Bloggers i already posted a Tutorial related to the activation of CloudFlare , You can access them by clicking the below link . 
Others just need to visit the CloudFlare official website and register with them and activate CloudFlare Free CDN for their blog . 

Try to Avoid Un-Used & Loadable Plugins :

It is better you to avoid placing of Non-Active plugins and Loadable plugins from the sidebar of your blog . Also try to use All in One Plugins . Too much plugins on your blog sidebar will increase your blog loading time and you will gradually loss your ranking on Search Engine .

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I hope you well enjoyed this article , If you have any doubts or suggestion about this article , Please let us know by using the comment box given below . Thanks