Malabar Blogger Meet 2015

Introduction :

In the olden day's people don't know the importance of writing and reading articles because they just don't like that and they don't find any entertain in that , But after the lunching of some stunning social media website like Blogpost and Tumbler the thing was changed , People in America and all other European country's where started to create their own blog's and writing up articles . Some of them made huge money by writing articles and some of them find entertain in writing good articles and reading other blogs . But in case of India only less amount of people where started blog's and writing up articles , Because they don't know the language English well . But some of the people who are tried to start blogs with their own languages . Most of the people who live in Delhi where started Hindi blog ,Only few of the bloggers where started English blog's at that time . But in Kerala everything where just changed , A few group of People where started blogging in Malayalam Language . In case of Hindi and English ,The Search Engine support's all those languages except Malayalam . Because most of the people searching internet with the World Wide Language English . Because of the hard work and team work Malayalam Bloggers where increasing day by day and their community become strong and strong than the old year . 

About Malabar Bloggers Meet :

Malabar Bloggers Meet will allow all the bloggers in Kerala to introduce their blogs with other Kerala bloggers . Also the meeting will make the bloggers to make-up contact between each other . The main aim of the Bloggers Meet to discuss about the feature updates of Malayalam Blogs . Sometimes the discussion is about spreading Malayalam Blogs all over the state .
Malabar Blogger Meet Photography
Malabar Bloggers Meet Photography 2011

More About Malabar Bloggers Meet :

You can know more about Malabar Bloggers Meet by visiting the official blog of  Malabar Bloggers , For this you need to access the following links listed below this paragraph . By accessing the below link you can view the old Blogger Meet Photos , Details of new bloggers , More about the Bloggers Meet 2015 Etc .
You can know more about Malabar Bloggers Meet by visiting the above site link address and follow up the other links navigated by the Blog .

About Malabar Bloggers Meet 2015 April 12 :

Like every year Blogger Meet , The new Blogger Meet stage was set-up on Thunchan Parambu . Bloggers from different places of Kerala where comes to attend this wonderful moment and meet the other bloggers from Kerala . If you are a Blogger from Kerala you can also attend by registering your name on the Malabar Blogger Meet official site .
Anyway Thunchan Parambu is waiting for the Bloggers to make the Malayalam Bloggers Community stronger than the old year  . The wonderful news was , Me also going to attend the 2015 Bloggers Meet on Thunchan Parambu .

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