Setup CloudFlare on Your Blogspot Blog

Introduction :

CloudFlare is one of the great solution on the internet for making website more secure . Most of the webmasters and bloggers are not aware about their website security and speed . By activating CloudFlare on website webmasters can improve both the security of the website and can increase the speed of the website . In case of Blogspot blog , Self-hosted Wordpress blog , Etc members don't need buy any security pack , Because in case of Blogspot , Google giving high security and for Wordpress they also giving high security for their service . By activating Cloud System on Blogspot and Wordpress we can improve the browsing speed of our Blogs .

Why i Need to Activate CloudFlare on My Blogspot Blog ?

Now a days Google where changed their Algorithm to a new method , They always updating their Algorithm for getting better search result for their surfers . The new Algorithm where decrease the rank of Website and Blog which has low loading speed . Only High-speed website and blog can rank more on Google Search Engine . By activating CloudFlare on your Blogspot blog , You can increase your Blog speed and rank well on Google Search Engine .

How to Activate CloudFlare CDN For Blogspot Blog ?

It is very easy to activate CloudFlare on your Blogspot blog , To do this you must have a Premium Domain . Without having a Premium Domain you can activate Cloud on Blogspot blog . If you are running your Blogspot blog with a Premium domain then follow the rules given below . 
  • First of all you need to go to : CloudFlare and create a new A/c .
  • Enter your Blogspot Blog Premium Address and click on the "Add Website" Green Button .
  • Now click on the "I'm done entering my DNS records" Green Button .
cloudflare activating
  • You to select "CloudFlare Free" Plan when Price List page comes up .
  • Now Log-in to your Domain Control Panel and clear your default Name Server and Point to the new Name Server which provide by the "CloudFlare" .
  • Once you changed the Name Server , It will take 24 Hours to activate .
  • Once it activated , You can see the Analytic details of Bandwidth Save , Regular Traffic and Many Other things .

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