Got 7500 Visitors to My Blogger Blog

Introduction :

It is the first time that I am sharing my real experience of blogging with my blogging friends, Before getting into the topic, I just want to say that blogging is incredible. I have two years of experience in Blogging and in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I learned a lot of things about Blogging and in SEO, Because of the Algorithm update I always frustrated. Every day I tried to find new tricks to get more traffic to my blog, But after all I learned one thing Spamming will kill's our blog, When I am making tricky back-links to my blog, I never thought about the bad things that come's behind it. After two years of blogging experience I just started a new blog, Without any spam, That is the blog now you are reading. 

Why I Abandon My Old Blog:

No, any bloggers will expect at the first time in Blogging and SEO, Like a child we have to learn walking first time, He can't run without learning slow walk at the first time. Like that, I just started a blog at Blogger and made few mistakes at the first time and learned the good things and bad things. I abandon my old blog because of the above reason.

How I Got 7500 Visitors to My 6 Month Old Blog:

First of all, I need to tell that, Actually 7500 visitors in a six-month blog is not good enough. All that happen because of my crazy work on blogging. When I started my second blog, That means the blog now you are reading. I worked night and day to get more visitors. I always try to write the article that is rare on internet and people regularly search on Search Engines.

Because of the Domain Authority and Page Rank my blog low ranked on Google Search, and I can't see any of my blog post at Google Search. Because of this reason I just abandon my new blog for a month and revisited Blogger after few days, I just amazed, I got 50 clicks to one of my blog posts. I just try to create more post's related to that post and it made me get more traffic on upcoming days. 

When I discuss with a brilliant and expert blogger in Indian, All of them told me that 50 or 60 Post never make you get 1000 of visitors per a month. Because of that I just try to make new post every day which related to the post that I got traffic at first. 
My 6 Moths Old Blog Stat-counter States
Stat-counter Analysis Details  4 Moths
Because of silly hard-work I just made out 105 Post, and I got 7500 visitors to my six months old blog, If I work harder than the few olden days, Then today I will get more than 10000 visitors to my blog.

What Are The Way I Chooses to Make Backlinks to My Blog:

  • I always prefer Forums to make Back-Links to my blog, Not by forcing. By using Post Signature and Replaying Answers.
  • By Publishing my Opensource script at Opensource Directory.
  • People use my script will automatically link to my blog.

How Much Traffic I Am Getting Through Search Engine & By Referral:

For me I am getting most of the traffic from Search Engine, That means 80% from Search Engines and other 20% is from referral websites.

Suggested Article For Blogger Blog Users:

I hope you well enjoyed my story, If you have any doubts about blogging, You can ask me by commenting on the comment box given below. Thanks