Google Keyword Research

Introduction :

Most of the Bloggers where trying to buy Premium Software's for Research Keywords , I am not saying it was bad . But as a bigness in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) It was a foolishness . So it is better to find free Keyword Researching software around the web and research about keywords . Google itself providing Google Keyword Planer for Research about Keywords . But it was too hard for bigness . So here i am going to explain a simple Keyword Researching Practice , Which will help you to Research about Keyword through Google Search Engine itself . 

How to Use Google Search Engine For Keyword Research :

Keyword Researching
Search Related Suggestions By Google
It is very easy to Research about Keyword through Google Search Engine , Because Millions of people where daily visiting Google Search Engine and search with different Query's . That means for a single Query thousands of people visiting Google . For making the search engine better Google always try to display "Search Related to the Query which by the Visitor Enter on Google Search" , Google will only show the "Search Related" Section , When only more visitor use those Query in Search Engine . By utilizing "Search Related" We can find the best Keyword for our Website and Blog .

Steps to Find The Best Keyword for Your Blog & Website :

It is very easy to find the best keyword for your website and blog by using the Google Search Engine Search Related Section , To do this you have to follow the basic steps that given below this paragraph .
  • First of all you need to Search on Google which related to what topic you are going to write on your blog or website .
  • Now scroll the window and comes to the Footer of Google Search Engine .
  • There you can see the Search Related to the Query which you searched .
  • Copy & Paste all of them to Notepad .
  • Use them for Title and Url Structure of your Blog and Website .
  • You are Done .  
It is better you to avoid over-filling with Keywords on your Blog or Website , If you overload your website with Keywords it will effect your Search Engine Rank on Google Search .

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I hope this article helped you very much , If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article , Please let us know by using the comment box given below . Thanks