Xtgem Wapmaster Code Collection

Introduction :

It is very easy to create a mobile site through Xtgem mobile site builder , Because they giving their members to create their wapsite with Graphical Tools . With the Graphical Tool users can simply create a wapsite . But for advance wapsite development , The wapmaster must need to learn the Advanced wapsite editing mode . By learning the Advanced editing mode in Xtgem , Wapmaster can modify their site using Java-Script , CSS , Etc . This will lead the wapmaster to get more traffic to their wapsite .

Xtgem Wapmaster Tools :

It is very easy to add Xtgem Wapmaster Tools on your Xtgem site , To add the codes that showed below to your Xtgem wapsite , Follow the basic rule .
  • Log-in to Your Xtgem A/c  .
  • Enter to the Xtgem Wapsite which you want to add Wapmaster Tools .
  • Go to the File-Browser .
  • Click on the Page which you want to add Wapmaster Tools .
  • Click on the "+" for Add Element .
  • Click on the "Code" Tab for adding the Codes .
  • Click on the "Add" Button .
  • You are Done .

Google Site Search Engine :

Google Site Search Engine code will allow your Xtgem wapsite visitor to search your site , Simply by adding the keyword on a Text-box and hitting the "Enter" Button on keyboard .
<div class="sitesearch"><form action="" method="get"><span class="xt_input"><input class="sitesearch_phrase" type="text" name="__q" /></span><input class="xt_button" type="submit" value="Search my site" /></form></div>

Java Script to Show The Browser Details :

The below Java-Code will allow your Xtgem wapsite visitor to know the complete details of the Browser , IP Address , Etc .
<font color="#ff00ff"><script
language="javascript"src="http://clickmasters.mobie.in/Jss/Jp/browser.js"></script> </font>

Java Script to Show The Date :

The below code will allow your Xtgem wapsite visitor to know the current Date , This is a simple Java-Script so you can add it anywhere you like on Xtgem .
<script language="JavaScript" src="http://clickmasters.mobie.in/Jss/Jp/tanggal5.js"></script>

Leaf Animation Back Ground :

The below code will allow you to show Dr-oping Leaf Background , It will make your wapsite impression more than now . 
<script language="javascript" src="http://clickmasters.mobie.in/Jss/effect/leaf.js"></script>

Xtgem Wapmaster Services :

It is very hard to create Advanced Wapmaster Service with Xtgem wapsite builder , Advanced Wapmaster Services like Website Rank Checker , Page Rank Checker , Etc . But by changing the below link address , You can make awesome Advanced Wapmaster Service for your Xtgem wapsite .
Mobile Search :
Image Mastero
Facebook Share :
Live Calculator :
Don't forget to change the "howi.in" Text of all the link address listed above this paragraph to your wapsite address . Other wise the home link from the wapmaster service site will linked to "howi.in" .

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I hope you well enjoyed this article , If you have any doupts related to this article , Please let us know by using the comment box given below . Thanks