Change Wapka Wapsite Page Title

Introduction :

Lot of Wapka wapmasters where don't care about SEO Title when creating pages for their Wapka wapsite . Without having a Good SEO Title for pages , Users who are using Search Engine's like Google will does't attract with your wapsite . If you have a Good SEO Title for your Wapka wapsite , Then your wapsite will get 100% CPC from Search Engine .

Change Title of Wapka Wapsite Page :

It is very easy to change Title of your wapka wapsite page's . To change Wapka wapsite page title you have to follow the basic steps that given below also you have to know the basic step to create wapsite on Wapka .
  • First of all Log-in to your Wapka Dashboard .
  • Enter to your Wapka wapsite which you have to change Title .
  • Click on the "Admin Mode" Then click on the "Edit Site" .
  • Below the "Settings" Click on the "Change Title" .
  • Under the "Title Name*" Enter the "Title" Which you like .
  • Under the "URL" Enter the "Page Id" Which you want to show apply the "Title" . 
  • Click on the "Edit Title" Button .
  • You are Done .
If your Wapka wapsite page Title more than 60 Character Length then it will cause your CPC SEO Rank . So try to low your page Title below 60 Character . 

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