Create Free Forum Like Coding-Talk

Introduction :

Coding-Talk is one of the greatest wapmaster forum in the world wide web . Through the forum mobile site builders can download and share free open-source scripts to develop their mobile site . Most of the mobile builders where using several scripts to create forums but Coding-Talk used a paid script to build the forum . 

Which Script is Used to Build Coding-Talk :

Actually they used a paid script called Vbulletin , There is no free version available for this script . Only big company's and webmaster can bought this script . But don't be sad . Read the below paragraph which will make you happy . 

Alternatives of Vbulletin :

There is lot of Alternative available for Vbulletin forum , Famous site Master-Land where developed using Mybb a free open-source script . Which is also same like the Vbulletin script , Large amount of plugins and free templates  available for Mybb . Some of the free Alternative of Vbulletin are given below .

Alternatives Description
Mybb Mybb is a free open source forum script , Lot of free plug-in and templates available , Include SEO Plugins .
Phpbb Phpbb is another open source forum script same like mybb do , It also have lot of templates . Include SEO Service .
SMF SMF (Simple Machine Forum) Is an another open source forum which also act same like Phpbb and Mybb , It also have lot of templates .
Discuz Discuz is another forum script , It is cute , It developed by Chinese developers , Uc-Browser forum developed using this script .

To create forum like Coding-Talk , You can use any of the free open-source script which listed above this paragraph . I mostly recommended the Mybb , Because it have lot of free templates and plugins available , Also it is well perfect for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  .

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