CSS Style Sheet to Your Xtgem Wapsite

Introduction :

Creation of wapsite using wapsite builders was too easy . Especially in Xtgem , They providing too many graphical tools to create wapsite . Designing wapsite in Xtgem with CSS Style also very very easy , For that also they providing some tools . Here through this article you are going to learn some methods which allow to add CSS Style to your Xtgem wapsite . 

What is CSS Style Sheet File :

The CSS Style Sheet File is used to design sites . In the olden day's webmasters where add the designing elements directly inside the Html Tags . But in the modern age of website development , Webmasters where create a separate CSS Style Sheet File and call them to the Html Tag's . By the new method webmasters can design their website or mobile site more better than the old method .

How to Add CSS Style File to Xtgem Wapsite :

It is very easy to add CSS Style File to your Xtgem Wapsite , To do this you have to know the basic knowledge about Xtgem wapsite builder and its functions . Follow the basic rules that given below . 
  • Log-in to your Xtgem Dashboard .
  • Enter to the site which you Manage .
  • On the "File Browser" You can see two files "Global_stylesheet.css" and "xtgem_template.css" .
  • Click on the "xtgem_template.css" If you want to add css file for Xtgem Blog or click on the "Global_stylesheet.css" for add css to all pages except the Xtgem Blog .
  • Add the CSS Style Code inside the "Text Area" and click on the "Save" Button .
  • You are done .
If you don't know about creating css file , Then learn it from the famous coding sites like W3schools . There you can see more tips and tricks about CSS Style Sheet File development . 

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