Top 5 Forums for Wapmasters

Introduction :

Forums is one of the best place to discuss about website development . Mobile Site Builders like Xtgem , Wapka are maintaining its own Forum for their members , Without having a forum they can't maintain their members . The forum will help their members to discuss about mobile site building and all newbies can learn mobile site building easy . Like Xtgem and Wapka , There is lot of privet forums are available for wapmasters . Here on this article i will share some of the famous forums that's choose by every webmasters at firs-time to develop their mobile site .

Famous Forums Chosen By Wapmasters :

Forums Description
Master-Land Master-Land is one of the greatest forum with 1000 of mobile site scripts . On Master-Land you can find 100's of Auto-Index scripts to Develop mobile site .
Coding-Talk Coding-Talk is another forum which created for only mobile site builders . On coding-talk also you can find 1000 of mobile site development materials . .
Coding-Wap Coding-Wap is another forum , Same like the Master-Land forum . On Coding-Wap also you can find lot of mobile scripts and tricks.
MzonePh MzonePh is another forum like Coding-Talk , On MzonePh also you can download mobile site development scripts like Auto-Index , Mobile File Hosting Script , Etc.
PhpLoft On PhpLot you can download latest mobile scripts like Auto-Index . Also you can learn mobile site SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Etc.
MobilesTrick MobilesTrick is a site which developed for both normal users and wapmasters , You can find lot of good working scripts .

In my case i always select the first two forums to download and share my scripts Master-Land and Coding-Talk . Because they maintained a good legacy . They only keep good members on their forum . Anyone with bad and fraud activity will be kick out immediately . So i am suggesting you to select that two forum always .

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