Turn Off Facebook Developer Mode of Facebook App

Introduction :

We all know that Facebook is one of the greatest social media ever on World Wide Web . Almost every people in the world where using Facebook for different purposes . Some of them using it for connecting their friends and relatives and some other where using it for Business purposes . Marketing company's like Moz got great opportunity to build their customers market through Facebook . Because of the largest amount of Facebook users , Website users got the opportunity to make O Auth Login , That means any one who use Facebook can login to the website which integrated Facebook Login button . Today almost every website developers where integrating Facebook O Auth button on their website . To create Facebook O Auth Button for website , The website developer need to create a A/c with Facebook and need to fill up some information about website where the Facebook Login Button is going to be integrated . After filling the information it will took some time to get the App Permissions to be approved .  In some cases because of the new interface of the Facebook Developer webpage , The developer comes to be confused and got some errors . The errors are showed below . On this article you will learn to solve all those problems .

Type of Errors :

The following errors are the most common error messages interrupted when creating a Facebook Application for website and for other platforms . 
  • You Must Have a Valid Contact Email Specified to Make This App Available to All Users .
The above problem can be solved by simply entering your Email Id to the "Settings" of your Facebook App Development Area . Follow the steps that given below to get out from the above problem .
  • Get in to the Facebook Developer Page .
  • Select your Facebook App from the "My Apps" Tab .
  • Click on the "Settings" On with a "Gear" Symbol .
  • Enter your contact "Email Id" Inside "Contact Email Id" Text Box .
  • Click "Save Changes" Button .
Facebook Developer Area Error Solving
  • Now go to "Statues & Review" Tab and change settings from "No" to "Yes" .
  • You are done . Now anyone can Log-in with your Facebook O Auth Button that integrated on your Website or other Platform .

Turning off Developer Mode or Sandbox Mode in Facebook Developer Area :

After getting your Application Approved by Facebook Review Team , You need to Turn Off Developer Mode or Sandbox Mode . Other wise the App will not activate correctly and your website visitors can't login with the Facebook O Auth button . In some cases you or your visitor may be interrupt with the following error .
  • Invalid Scopes: publish_stream. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/permissions
The above message is showing because that you don't activated your Facebook App Perfectly . To activate the Facebook Application Perfectly you have to make some changes inside your Facebook App . To do the change just follow the rules that given below .
  • Get in to the Facebook Developer Page .
  • Select your Facebook App from the "My Apps" Tab .
  • Click on the "Statues & Review" Tab .
  • Now change the "Button" to "Yes" by clicking it .
  • You are done . You can't see the error message anymore . 

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