URL Shorten Service Useful

Introduction :

URL Shorten Service are very useful for Webmasters to take after their website from Banning on Social Media's and other services . Most of the webmasters where share their Direct URL Address in to the Social Media . Through this way they got banned by the Social Media's . One of the greatest wapsite builder Xtgem URL Address Banned by Facebook because of the users illegal activity . But Facebook like social medias never ban some Shorten URL run by Google and Twitter . So by shortening URL webmaster can safely share their URL on Social Media . Because they never get banned by Facebook or other social media's . Because they only ban the site address which added to their page and Facebook never ban the URL address of Google and Twitter services .

1. Protect Site From Social Media Ban Activity's :

On the Introduction i already explained this matter . Social Media like Facebook , Twitter and Forums will ban URL Address of the website which posting Illegal contents to their Wall . By using the URL Shorten Service , You can protect your site from banned by Social Media's . Because Social Media's like Facebook , Twitter never ban the Shorten Services which run by Google and Twitter . Many News's Blogs where using Google URL Shorten Service to protect their site from banned by Social Media's . Because Social Medias are the great source of their website traffic.

2. Track User's Click's Through The Shorten URL :

Shorten URL Service by Google will help you to analyse the complete information of the people who clicked the shorted URL . Some of the information which you can know by Google URL Shorten service are . 
  1. You can know the "Number of Click" To the URL .
  2. You can know the "Day of Shorten" The URL Address .
  3. You can Analyse "By Day , By Month , By Year" Etc .
  4. You can know the "Refereed" Site .
  5. You can know the "Browser" Which used by visitor .
  6. You can know the "Country" Of Visitors .
The 2 Reasons which listed above are the most impotent and useful service providing by URL Shorten Service . You must care the first reason when sharing URL Address of your website to Social Media Services .

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