Add a New Author to Blogger Blog

Introduction :

Making a blog was easy but the Job of maintaining it was too heavy. In the case of a blog, The readers need daily update's. But in the case of website users doesn't need daily updates because a website is mainly caring about Downloading and Services. Some webmasters were using CMS scripts like Wordpress. In Wordpress, there is an option for Register & Login, by using that option the new registered users can contribute a new post. The registered user's can't delete or change the site activity's and post. Like that Blogger is also now providing a solution for adding new authors to Blogger Blog for contributing post's. But here in Blogger, there is a change in option. In Blogger Blog, there is no option for Register and Login, Instead of Register, The Administrator of the Blogger Blog need's to send an Invite message from the Blogger Blog dashboard. Through this article, You will learn the complete process and step to add a new Author to your Blogger Blog.

How to Add a New Author to Blogger Blog:

It is very easy to add a New Author to your Blogger Blog. To do this, you have to know the basic development tools of Blogger Dashboard. Now follow the rules and regulation given below on Blogger Blog Dashboard.
  • Enter to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • On the "Left Sidebar," You can see the "Settings" Tab click it.
  • Now click on the "Basic" Tab.
Adding new Author to Blogger Blog
  • Now click on the "+ Add Authors" and fill up the "Text-Area" With the "Author Mail Address".
  • Now click on the "Invite Authors" Button.
  • You are done.
Important :
The author which you invited through the Blogger must click on the active link and accept by clicking the "Accept" Button. Otherwise he can't contribute post's to your blog. 

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