Change Xtgem Wapsite Background Color and Image

Introduction :

Xtgem was a great wapsite builder with lot of tools . Almost every wapmasters where choosing Xtgem as their wapsite builder because only Xtgem have user-friendly development mode . Every bigness can easily learn to create waspite and earn money from it . So creating and designing wapsite through Xtgem was easy by using their Development Tool . But in case of CSS coding ,Wapmaster where little confuse because all the wapmaster where copying some other wapsite CSS style . So they don't know how to code CSS . Today through this article you can learn about changing Background Color and Image of a Xtgem wapsite step by step .

How to Change  Xtgem Background Color & Image :

It is very easy to change Xtgem Background Color to any other color you like . To do this you have to know the basic Xtgem Development Tool Functions . To change background color , Just follow the basic rules and regulations that given below .
  • Log-in to your Xtgem Dashboard .
  • Enter to the waspite which you want to change BG Color .
  • Enter to the File-Browser .
  • Enter to the "global_stylesheet.css" File .
  • Enter the flowing code that given below to Text-area and "Save" .
  • Change the "green" to any color you like .
  • You can also use "Html Color" Code Instead of "Color Name" .
  • Enter the following code to Text-area to change "Background Image" .
  • Change the URL address to the "Background Image URL" Which you uploaded to your Xtgem Control Panel .
There is lot of other Attributes available to change Background Image and Color of Xtgem wapsite , Don't set Big Images as background , Which will led your Xtgem wappsite to load slow .

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