Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Introduction :

It is very easy to design a website because Html & CSS is quiet easy to learn . Some webmasters will design their site in black background . The site with background color will cause your visitors to hate your site for ever , Because people don't like black theme websites . Like what people like , Search Engines also have some likes and dis-likes . If Search Engines like your site design structure , Then your website get high ranked on Search Results . Through this article you will learn some basic steps to make your website Search Engine Friendly Design .

Website Speed Optimization :

Some webmasters will design their site with tons of Images and Java-scripts . The use of high quality images in Website will make your website slow . It also cause your website crawling rate to down , Because Search Engines will not crawl the site which taking high loading time . It also cause your Search Ranking's .
If your website speed is below 60 then try to Optimize your image for re-sizing then re-upload them to website . By Optimizing website images also you can increase your website Speed Score .

Website Mobile Optimization :

It is very important you to design a mobile version of your site or make your site well Responsive for mobile sites . If you website is not mobile friendly , Search Engines will penalize your website on Mobile Search Result . 
If your mobile site was not Mobile Friendly , Then you must take action to make your website Mobile Friendly . Other wise your website will loss Search Engine Rank .

Remove I Frame - Gif - Images - Flash  From Your Website :

Some Webmaster will design their website with I Frame . Actually I Frame are the enemy's of Search Engines . So try to remove the I Frame from your website . Also try to remove the Animated Gif and Flash contents from your website . Website with flash and animated gif image will make your website not Mobile Friendly . Also it cause your Search Engine Ranking .

Website Navigation Menu :

Website without having good Navigation System will loss it Search Engine Rank . By building a perfect Navigation Menu the Crawler can easily access to all of your web pages easily . So it is must to create a good user-friendly Navigation Menu for your website .

Website Must Have Its Own Sitemap :

Sitemap is a Xml file which help the Search Engine to know the latest updates from sites . If your website don't have an Sitemap file . Then it will cause your Indexing Rate become Low . So create a Xml Sitemap for your website today .

Robot.Txt Files :

Like Xml Sitemap , It is very important to make a Robot.Txt file for your website . The Robot.Txt file will help the Search Engine to crawl  specified pages . If your website don't have an Robot.Txt file the Search Engine will crawl all your web pages . Some times it crawl your personal data's and pages on your server . 

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