Upload Files to Your Xtgem Wapsite

Introduction :

Most of the wapmaster in Xtgem where creating download wapsite to get more visitor to their wapsite. Wapmasters where upload different type of file's to Xtgem server, Files like.Jar.Jad .Apk, Etc. Because of the user-friendly tool's provided by Xtgem, Users can easily upload their files to Xtgem. Users can also upload files from out source website and wapsite. Through this article, you are going to learn how to upload files to your Xtgem wapsite. 

How to Upload Files to Xtgem Wapsite:

It is very easy to Upload Files to Xtgem wapsite. To do this, you have to know the basic knowledge about Xtgem and its functions. To upload a file to your wapsite, Just follow the basic rules and regulations that given below.
  • Log-in to your Xtgem Wapsite.
  • Enter to the wapsite that you want to Upload File.
  • Go to File-Browser.
  • Click on the "Upload File" Button.
  • Click on the "File Upload" Button.
  • Choose the "File" Which you want to Upload.
  • Upload will complete when the browser loading stop.
  • You are done.
  • You can Upload files to different folders by entering to the folder that you wish to upload the file by click on the "Upload File" Button.

Upload Files from Outside Source:

The outside source is the website that you don't have ownership with it. You can upload the files that uploaded by them to your Xtgem wapsite direct by garbing the downloading file link address. To do the just follow the rules that given below.
  • Go to the Wapsite or Website, which you like to Grab File.
  • Copy the "Link Address" Of the "Downloading" File.
  • Go to your Xtgem File-Browser.
  • Click on the "Upload File" Button.
  • Click on the "Check Box" to "Remote File".
  • Enter the "Downloading Link Address" to the Textbox.
  • Click on the "Upload" Button.
  • You are done.
Xtgem does not allow some files to upload on their server. Files like.Htaccess Etc. You can also upload Robot.Txt file and Sitemap.XML file for Search Engine Optimization. You can only Upload 5MB Maximum Sized files. Xtgem will not allow more than that size. But you can by buying the Xtgem Premium Package.

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