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Introduction :

Almost every bloggers were using CMS like Wordpress, Blogger, Tumbler, Etc for hosting their blog. It is because of its functions. Wordpress was providing more Themes and Plugins than Blogger and Tumbler. People like Wordpress mainly because of its SEO Plugins, The SEO Plugins will automate every single SEO steps and make the site well ranked on Search Engines. Wordpress has a lot of function today, and it is not very user-friendly for bigness. Bigness will confuse about plugin installation and template development. To develop a Plugin or Template in Wordpress, The user must have to learn PHP Script. Today I am going to introduce a new CMS script that allow you to create an incredible blog or website quickly without any confusions.

What is Datalife Engine:

Datalife Engine is also a CMS Script like what Wordpress and Blogger do. It also has the function to maintain SEO Functions like Configuring Permalink, Responsive Templates, Mobile Friendly Template, Sitemap Generation, RSS Feed, Email Subscribing, Bulk Email Sending, Etc. Users can also perform various functions like Template Editing, User Registrations, Adding Post, Etc.

What is the Different Between Wordpress & Datalife Engine:

  • It is very easy to "Edit Template" In Datalife Engine.
  • In Wordpress, the user must have to learn PHP Script in order to edit Template.
  • Datalife Engine was "User-Friendly".
  • Wordpress was not "User-Friendly" For Bigness.
  • Datalife Engine has its own Sitemap Generation Tool.
  • Wordpress consist "Plugin's" For Sitemap Generation.

What are the Various Function Available in Datalife Engine:

  • News and Article Publication: This feature allows users or admin to publish article or story.
  • Multi-user Engine: This feature allows the new visitor to register on Datalife Engine CMS.
  • Template : This function enables you to re-modify or upload the new template.
  • Performance: This feature allows your web server to run faster in minimum run time.
  • Social Networks: This function allow users to register on the blog without filling forms.
  • Video and Audio: This feature enables users to add multimedia contents like Video and Audio to blog.
  • Personal Messages: This feature allows users to send messages each other.
  • Comments: This function enables users to reply comments on posts.
  • Advertising Management: This feature enable the administrator to add Ads to the blog .
  • Mailing: This feature allows the administrator to send single and bulk mail to registered and subscribed users. 
  • Flexible Settings: Administrator can quickly change the configuration of the blog.
  • There are a lot of other functions available in Datalife Engine.

How to Download Datalife Engine:

  • Download Data-Life Engine from Official Website: Official Website of Datalife Engine.

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