Email Content Locker

Introduction :

Bloggers and Website developers were trying to get more Email and Social Media subscribers. But visitors who are visiting the site will not subscribe them and grab what they want and get out the site without leaving at least a comment. Some web developers found a solution to this problem by creating a Social Locker. The Social Locker will lock the content of blog and website that a visitor wants to grab. To download the content, visitors must have to share or like any social media, through this way the blogger or website developer will get more shares, and they get more visitors. Through this article you are going to learn about a Content Locker which will help you to increase your blog and website Email Subscription.

Download Email Subscription Script:

Demo and Downloading window are developed by Email Content Locker, Once you subscribed to this blog, It will take 12:00 Hours to update your email address database. Once it update, You can download the script. 

Download The Script: Click here to Download.
Demo Here: Demo Here.

How to Configure Email Subscription Script :

  • Upload the "" to your File-browser and "Extract" It .
  • Create a new "Database & User" Then upload the "email.sql" File to the Database using PhpMyAdmin .
  • Edit the "config.php" With your "Database" Details .
  • Edit the "Action.php" Page with your downloading link address and "Email Subscription" Link .
  • Also edit the "Action.php" & "config.php" Page inside the "Admin" Folder .

Update Database:

Update your email subscriber email list by using "Insert" Option in "PhpMyAdmin" by selecting "Email" Database and "sub" Table. The email address that not in the "sub" Table can't download files.

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