PHP Programming Language Introduction

Introduction :

PHP is a web-based programming language. By using the language, webmasters can develop dynamic web pages and websites. To learn PHP, you must have knowledge of HTML Programming. We can say that PHP Programming Language was an intermediator of Html and Mysql Database. The visitors of a website can see only the front-end (Html Side) of a website, When any action take-out from the front-end, The PHP Language will carry the action and execute it by using the back-end of a website mean (Mysql Side).

How to Run PHP Programming Language in Windows:

PHP is a server-side programming language, So it only run's on a server. There is a lot of server virtual server software available on the internet. A software that named "Xampp" Which will help you to act your Windows, Ubuntu, Linux Computer as a Server for a specified time.
The programs that you developed using PHP will not run's on every folder you created. It consists a particular folder name "Htdocs" to execute. To learn more about running PHP Program in Windows click on the link below.  

Advantages of PHP Programming Language:

  • It is very easy to learn, Also it is a free and open-source programming language.
  • With PHP, Developers can create Dynamic websites.
  • PHP can fetch, Add, Delete, Update, Database content.
  • You can use PHP in any OS like Window, Linux, Ubuntu, Etc.

PHP 5 Ultimate Tutorial Chapters: 

There are a lot of other tutorials available, Click on chapter 4 to get access to chapter 5, 6, 7, Etc.
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