Best Programming Language

Introduction :

It is very hard to select the best programming language for a project. Some developers will take the programming language that they know well, and some others were take programming language that they don't know well for developing software or web-based projects. The first method was not at all useful because it never make us familiar with the other programming languages. But it was good when you were doing the project without having a team. Because a development team means mixed of different skills, each of the team members may be experienced with various kind of programming language. So choose the second method when you were developing software with a team.

1 .  As Per the Client Request: 

Some customers will ask you to select a specified programming language for developing their software product; That is because, sometimes the company had a software engineer and he may experience with the programming language that requested by the enterprise. Through this way, they can develop the software feature without the help of the origin developer. 

2.  As Per the Software Product:

Every programming languages have its Advantages and Dis-Advantages. So different kind of software product requires a different type of programming language.  Example: In the case of a website development, The best programming languages are ( HTML - Java-script - CSS - PHP ), Etc. But in the case of a Billing software, The best programming language was C# or Java.

3 .  As Per the Software Size:

Some software requires a large amount of functions which comes repeatedly. In such kind of software development, The best way of selecting programming language was easier. Just choose Java , C# . In case of web it was PHP because all this programming language supports function calling system.

4 .  As Per the Best Support: 

Every software developer requires the internet for getting help and support to develop their software. Helps comes in a different way. Through various websites, Through Videos, By chatting, Etc. So select the language that is famous and everyone's know. Because only great programming language get's help and support easier through the internet.

5 .  As Per Your Budget:

Some IDE Requires a considerable amount of money to invested in developing a software products . So in such cases, It is best to select a free Opensource Programming language such as Java - PHP - Java-script, Etc.

6 . As Per the System Requirements: 

Software Development IDE like C# and Java requires a system with minimum 2GB RAM and Duel Core Processor as minimum requirements. So select the programming language as per your system requirements. 

7 . As Per the Free Library's Downloads:

Software Development IDE like C# Require paid Plugins and libraries. If you are willing to pay for plugins and library's then choose C# kind languages or if you don't, Then use programming languages that have free Library's and Plugins. 

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