Open Multiple URL at One Click


It is very easy to browse the website using Web-Browsers. Now in the modern browsers people can open two or more website in different tabs. Modern Browsers also support much other functionality's such as Bookmarking, Adding Plugins, Etc. But there is an option which is not available in any browsers. The function to perform "Opening Multiple URL in a Browser at One Click". Sometimes people need to access 1000 of sites, So it is very hard to open tab of browser and enter the address and again open another tab and enter the site address to access each and every site. In such case, We will get help from the site which help us to open bulk website address to opened at once. Here I list some of the websites address.

Sites Description
Open Multiple URL Open Multiple URL is a user-friendly site which help you to open multiple URL at once
URL Opener Another Bulk URL Opener site, Which also help you to open Thousands of URL at one click
Link Opener Link Opener is another site which allow you to open lot of URL at a time
URL Opener URL Opener is a Blogspot Blog , Which also allow you to open many URL at a click
Multi URL Opener Multi URL Opener allow you to open multiple URL in your browser
Rapid Linkr Rapid Linkr allow you top open bulk URL address in your browser

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