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Introduction :

Backlinks are one of the greatest things that a webmaster or blogger need to concentrate more. Because Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc were giving more priority to the website and blogs that have high-quality backlinks. But it is very hard to create backlinks to a website or blog. Most of the bloggers and webmasters are making backlinks to their blog and website by commenting on another Blogs, Forums, Etc and some others were submitting their blog link to Website and Blog Directory. Submitting links via comment and to the directory was good, but in some cases it was bad. If you are a blogger writing post's about web designing, Then it is better you to make backlinks from the site which having the same content. Otherwise, Search Engines will consider the link as bad backlinks. You can make quality backlinks to your blog or website by researching your competitor backlinks by using SEO Backlink Checking Tools. Almost every Backlink Checking Tools were paid, and some others were giving bad Backlink results. Through this article, we are going to learn about a new SEO Tool named SEO Profile, Which giving us the opportunity to research our competitor Backlinks and make good quality backlinks return to our blogs and websites.

What is SEOProfiler:

SEOProfiler is an SEO Tool, which help us to find our blog and website bad backlinks. They were also providing a lot of other SEO Tools such as Rank Monitoring, Ranking Profiler, Website Audit, Website Analytic, Etc. In compare to all other SEO Tools, I must say that SEOProfiler is an impressive SEO Tool. Because it is user-friendly and very easy to use.

How to Use SEOProfile to Make Good Quality Backlinks:

It is very easy to use SEOProfile SEO Tool to make good quality backlinks to our blog or website, All you have to do that, Make a URL Address list of your website or blog competitors. The do the following steps given below.
  • Register a Free Account with SEOProfile SEO Tool.
  • Now Login to Dashboard and click on the "Link Profiler" Then click on the "Backlinks".
  • There you can see a Text-Box, to enter the address of your website competitor.
  • Enter the URL Address of your website or blog competitor then click on the "Get Backlink Data" Green Button.
  • Now follow the image that given below.
Make High Quality Backlinks
  • Now click on the "LIS" Button that near at the "Page Title & Link Resource" Then you can see the "Highest LIS" Backlink with "Green Color".
  • Visit the sites that have "100%" or above "65%" Then find the possibility to make backlinks with that website.
  • High LIS website backlinks mean, It is good backlinks. Low LIS backlinks mean, it is bad backlink

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