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In the last few days, I invested my 80% of the time in creating an Android Application for my Blogger Blog. I do not know any programming language to create an App. However, I am aware that, Famous bloggers like MyBloggerTricks, Shoutmeloud, Etc have their Application to engage more readers to their Blog. In the case of WordPress, they were getting free SDK Kit to develop App. However, in the case of Blogger Blog, they were not providing any free SKD Kit to develop an App. After My last research, I found a web application that help us to create own Android Application for any website services. Even if it was Blogger or Wordpress. Today through this article, I am going to introduce the service that they were providing and the way of creating Android Application with them.

Introduction to Andromo:

Andromo was an Android Application Builder, to create an application with them. The user does not have to know about any programming language, and they were providing user-friendly graphic tools to develop an application. They have ready made function's available in their generator to prepare feed post's and Youtube video list, All you want to do that, Just provide your Blogger blog feed URL Address. They will automatically create an Android app for you.

How to Create Android App Using My RSS Feed URL Address:

It is very easy to create an Application Project with Andromo App development facilities. All you want to do that, Follow the steps that given below carefully and build own App.
After creating an account with them, You have to Login to your account and click on the "Create New App" Green button. The next step is to name your Android Application, After entering your App name, Click on the Create button.
Android Application Development Naming Step
After naming the project, You have to add "Activities" in the next step. Activities are the function's that allow to load RSS Feed information from the Blogger Blog. You can also add other different Activities such as Youtube Video List, Custome HTML Page, PDF File, Social Media Page, Etc to the same application that you are going to develop.
Adding Activity to Blogger Blog

In this step, you have to add a new Activity that to load RSS Feed from your Blogger Blog to the Android Application. For that you have to Select the "RSS FEED" Tab from the "Add an Activity" Dropdown button.
Naming The Activity
On the next step, They will ask you to provide the RSS FEED URL address of your Blogger Blog. Also, they will ask you to provide Activity name and Icon. Provide them the actual data they want by filling up the Textbox and Choose buttons. Finally, click on the "Save Changes" Button.

It will take some tome to generate the Application that you created with them. Once your Application developed by them, they will mail you the link address to download the App by mail. Remember that, You can add your Complete App information by visiting and changing the "App Info" Tab from the Andromo Dashboard.

You can also change the App Style by visiting the "Styles" Tab. You can Monetize your App generated with them and make money from it. To do that you have to fill-up the information that related to the Advertising Agencies that you were working with. 

You can also integrate services of Google Analytics to Analyse Data of Viewers. You can also change the Dashboard View of Android App in many types Example: Grid, List, Classic, Etc.

Some Other Services Like Andromo Online App Builder:

There is a lot of another Application Web site is providing the same function and services that Andromo offering, Access the article that I have given below this text. 
Almost every Online Android App building services will add their ads to your Android Application, They will retrieving the coast of Android App with the Ads.

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I hope this article helped you very much. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article. Please let us know by using the comment box that given below.