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There is a lot of IT Educational Centers in our area, all of them have a course called Web Designing. Students will go there to learn Web Designing and with their creative mind they will design beautiful websites. By learning Web Designing only, we can't make money. To earn money by developing a website, we must have to learn "How to host the site to Internet along with a Domain address." We can buy Domain and Hosting from several Webhosting Companies. But when we register a new Domain and Webhosting for our customers, we use our customer email address. Email newsletters from the Webhosting Companies will attract our customer, and they will abandon us in the future renewal process. They will renew their Webhosting and Domain their self, and we lose the renewing service commission.

My Story Behind Webhosting and Domain Registration Business:

At the first time, I bought Reseller WHM from my friend Sanjiv Varma. He was the CEO of 9xhosting today. He teaches me the way of hosting website to Internet and registering domain address. He sends me a Domain Reseller and WHM at first. I sold more than 10 Shared Hosting accounts and Domain using the Reseller. But because of the server down issues, I stopped the selling. After one year, I got an email address from one of my friends. He invited me to Join on ResellerClub, at the first time I ignore the mail but after few days I just tried a registration with them. After I joined with them, I again started my Webhosting and Domain Registration business with ResellerClub. I invested about RS:5000 to my Reseller Account and earned more than RS:7000 at the first time. Now also I am doing business with them. I can show you my investment history below this paragraph.
My Investment to ResellerClub
I invested about more than RS:50000 to my Reseller Account that means I earned double of it. From Domain Registration, we can make only minimum of RS:5 or RS:50 maximum but from the Webhosting business we can earn RS:500 maximum. Most of the time I tried to sell Webhosting Shared Panels more than Domain Registration. Buying Reseller Account from the non-reputed company was fearful because the Hosting Panels they provide may be Down anytime. But in the case of ResellerClub Shared Hosting panel, I don't have any fear because I never faced such kind of server with their hosting panels. 

How to start Own Webhosting and Domain Registration Company:

When I tried to register an account with ResellerClub white label service, Every member should have to invest a minimum of RS:4500 to their Reseller Account at the first time. But now they allowing anyone to register and gain a Reseller Account for RS:1500, New members have to invest RS:1500 to their Reseller Account at first time. ResellerClub will not take any commission from the investment, All the money that invested by the client can use it for buying Domain and Webhosting for their customers. Now you need to follow the steps that given below to set up own web hosting company with ResellerClub.
  • Go to ResellerClub official website and click on the "Sign-Up" Button and follow the image that given below.
Signup for Starting Webhosting and Domain Registration Service
You have to fill up the form that related to your new Web-Hosting Company on the form. Don't forget to change the currency mode to the currency mode of your country.
The next step is to invest money. They will ask you to spend a minimum of RS:1500 to your Reseller Account. You can invest fund by using many ways's. 
  1. Skrill (earlier Moneybookers).
  2. Netbanking/Debit Cards (
  3. Paypal [Amex/Discover Credit Cards/Paypal Accounts].
  4. CCAvenue - Netbanking - Debit cards.
  5. Pay.PW Visa/Master Card.
You can also invest money into your account using Offline Payment Method. Once you spent money using Offline service, you have to signup a support ticket to notify them that you send fund to them. To signup a new support ticket, you have to use the Payment Slip that you got from the Bank and the Reseller ID that you got from your Reseller Account. You can view your Reseller Account ID from the right corner of Dashboard. 
Getting Reseller ID
Once you invested money to Reseller Account, you can start selling Domain and Webhosting Shared and Dedicated Panels. You can also sell other services that provided by ResellerClub.

What is Supersite? and What is the use of it?

Supersite is the page that provided by Resellerclub to their members to sell their services such as Webhosting Panels and Domains. You can use the Supersite to show the Domain and Webhosting Price to your customer. When you display the prices of Domain and Webhosting, you have to add your profit with them. You can add your profit on each service by Managing its cost price and your profit. 

How to get My Supersite Address URL:

You can view your Supersite Address from the "Settings->Brandding Settings->Supersite & PartnerSite".

How to Manage Price of Domain and Webhosting:

You can add your profit on each and every service that provided by ResellerClub. You can receive the benefit from your customer once they bought any services of ResellerClub through your Supersite.You can change the cost price by adding your profit by doing the following methods.
  • Go to Settings Tab then click on the "Manage Products and Pricing".
  • Now click on the "Domain Registration" Tab then click on the "Manage Price".
  • Now click on the "Pencil Image" to edit the TLDs Domain Price.
  • Now follow the image that given below.
Adding Profit to on Domain Cost Price
The actual price of.COM Domain on the above image was RS:665, but I am selling it for RS:700. So My profit by selling.COM Domain was RS:35. Through the same way, you can change the price of other Domains and Webhosting.

How to Earn Money by Selling Domain and Webhosting:

Like what I said in the above paragraphs, Add your profit to each and every service of ResellerClub that you are selling with your Supersite. You can gain extra profit by Designing Website for your customers. My charge to design a website was RS:5000 and cost RS:3000 for Domain and Webhosting, through this way I can earn extra RS:100 from the web hosting plan and Domain registration.

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I hope this article helped you very much to set up own web hosting and domain registration business. If you have any doubts or suggestion related to this article. Please let us know by using the comment box that given below. Thanks,