Move Your Wapka Wapsite to a Premium Hosting Account


We all know that Wapka is one of the greatest wapsite builder ever. When I look up Alexa rank of Wapka, I was amazed because the Alexa rank of Xtgem and MyWapBlog was much higher than Wapka. That means Wapka was ranking more than Xtgem and MyWapBlog in Search Engines. Webmasters in India and some other countries are now avoiding building wapsite in Wapka because of several reasons. The main problems are given below.

Server Down:

Some webmasters in Wapka were making more than 20 or 50$ per a day, because of the server down issue they lost all their regular income from the wapsite. It also affects them in decrease traffic problem. The visitors who visit the server down wapsite will think that the wapsite stopped their service, and the visitor will move to another wapsite intent of waiting for server up for getting what they need. Also, they will forget about their favorite wapsite ever because of these issue.

Country Banning Problem:

From 100% almost 90% of Wapka wapsites are built from India. Indian government banning the sites that contain illegal contents on it such as Released Movies, Serial Keys, Cracked Softwares, Etc. Wapka administrators can't manage their users because of their limit. So they can't ban the wapsites that contain illegal contents from their server instead someone report the wapsite. Wapka administrators were banning 1000 of wapsite every month because of this reason. Almost every Wapka wap site were running on subdomains. So if any of the Wapka users upload any illegal file to Wapka server, Government will ban the primary domain. So every subdomain under the subdomain will be banned. That may include both the illicit and illegal contents providing wapsites.

Downloading Issue:

Because of the server down issue, Wapka administrators were set up custom servers for keeping uploaded files. Sometimes Government may ban the IP Address of that server too, because of the illegal file uploads. That may also lead some webmasters to stop their service. 

Benefits of Moving Wapsite from Wapka to a Premium Hosting:

The primary benefits of moving your Wapka wapsite to a Premium Hosting was, You can create any service or access to any service that Wapka don't have. You can upload PHP Scripts and create Own Youtube Like sites or AutoIndex sites within 5 or 4 minutes.

How to Move My Wapka Wapsite to a Premium Hosting:

It is very easy to move your Wapka wapsite to a Premium Hosting and enable great features to your Wapka wapsite. You must have some minimum requirements to move your Wapka wapsite to a Premium Hosting. Some of them are given below.
  • You must have to buy a Domain. You can use your Existing Domain intent.
  • You mush have to buy a Premium Hosting Plan. If you don't know how to use a Premium Hosting, then you could learn it by using a Free Hosting Plan.
  • You need to Download the full backup of your Wapka Wapsite. To download your Wapka wapsite backup, Just use HTtarck software.

Moving Wapka Wapsite Backup to a Premium Hosting:

To move your Wapka wapsite to a Premium host, you need to learn "How to manage a Premium Cpanel Hosting" The Cpanel similar like the FreeHosting Panels that I mentioned in this article. To learn all the functionality's of Cpanel, you can use the official site of Cpanel. You can learn each and every tutorial of managing Cpanel in both low and high videos qualities. Some of the major thing that you want to study was Parked Domains, File Manager
  • First of all, you need to Park Wapka wapsite Domain to Cpanel Hosting. For that, you have to refer the "Park Domain" Video.
  • The second step that you want to do was, you need to Zip the Wapka wapsite back-up file, and then only you could upload the file to Cpanel Filebrowser.
  • Upload the.Zip file to root folder of the File-Browser and extract them. For learning uploading file to File-browser, You have to learn the "File Manager" Video.
  • Now access the root domain
  • You were done.

What about Wapka Wapsite Running with Wapka Sub-Domain.

The only one way to move Wapka wapsite that are running using Sub-Domains of wapka was just put a Meta redirect code on the header of Wapka wapsite. Through this way, you can redirect all your Search Engine and regular visitors to new hosting. 
 <META http-equiv="refresh" content="5;URL=">
You can use the above meta redirect code to redirect your Wapka wapsite visitors to your new Premium wapsite.

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