6 Steps to Increase MyWapBlog Traffic


MyWapBlog is one of the greatest mobile blogging platforms with millions of members. Like Blogger Dashboard, for bigness MyWapBlog Dashboard also is very simple to use. Members can Manage comments, Make new posts, Earn Money from their Blog. The main advantage of MyWapBlog was, Members can customize both Mobile site and Desktop site in different style. So members can do many things that can't be done on some other blogging platforms like Blogger and Tumbler. The main competitors of MyWapBlog were Xtgem, Wapka because they are the other mobile site builders with millions of members. Many mobile site developers think's that, it is very hard to get traffic to a blog. The thought was a big mistake. Blogger can earn more money than mobile site does because Bloggers will get Adsense approved easily than a mobile downloading site. Also, Bloggers can gain traffic from different sources such as Search Engines, Referal, Social Media, Etc. But in the case of a Mobile Downloading site Search Engine will penalize the search results because of its duplication and many other reasons. Through this article, you are going to learn some of the various methods that will help you to get more traffic to your MyWapBlog Blog.

Increase Traffic Using Search Engines:

Many bloggers don't know, or they forget to add their MyWapBlog on Search Engines. The way of gaining visitors by recommending the blog to friends and relatives was over. To get genuine visitors to your blog, you must have to add your blog to Search Engines unless you will get nothing. Search Engine will give you the real guests who love your article. Follow the link that provided under this paragraph to add your MyWapBlog to Google Search Engine.

Increase Your MyWapBlog Traffic Using SEO Strategies:

Just adding your blog to Search Engines will not let you get more traffic that you expected unless you follow some good white hat SEO strategies. Some of the useful SEO strategies are the following.
  • Make Quality Articles and Contents.
  • Make Clickable Quality Links.
  • Share your blog Articles to Social Medias such as Facebook, Quora, Google+, Etc.
  • Make all your Article more than 500 Words.
  • Learn more SEO Strategies from here.

By Using Quora and other QA Sites:

Quora is one of the greatest QA platforms like StackOverFlow. People ask different questions to get answers. Join such kind of sites and help people by providing the correct answer with your blog article link that contains the answer to that question. Don't try to add link's on every answer, it will lead your blog link as a spam one. Also, try to meet many questions as possible, that will help you to increase your trust on that QA portal.

By Guest Posing on Other Blogs:

Bloggers were looking for other co-bloggers to write guest articles for their blogs. By writing guest articles for other bloggers blog, you can make high-quality backlink. Also, you can receive much traffic to your blog. Remember one thing before you donate a guest post. Never write guest articles to the blogs that not related to the blog category of yours. It will affect your blog SEO traffic. 

By Commenting on Newbies Blogs:

When I started my first blog, I always try to visit the profile of the people who comments on my blog. Almost every newbie bloggers will do the same thing that I did before. So attempt to find some newbies blogs that related to the same blog category of yours and commented on their blog also, Encourage them to make more blog posts. 

By Adding Your MyWapBlog to UC-Union & Promote Through UC-Browser:

Many Webmasters have received lakes of visitors to their mobile site by adding their mobile to UC-Union. All you want to do, Make an A/c on UC-Union and promote UC-Browser and other Products and Service of UC-Browser through your blog. Once you send some affiliates through your blog, they will repay you as traffic to your blog through their browser.

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