Create Virtual Credit Card Using Bank Debit Card


It is very hard to get a Credit Card from the bank because it consists of many rules and regulations. Some banks give us Credit cards only if we have sufficient balance in our A/c and some other's were give us Credit Card only if have a good job. So student like me or you can't take a Credit Card for buy product or service from the Internet. Now every student can make an account on Banks in a special category "Student A/c". So everyone can grab a Debit Card once they open an A/c at the Bank. Now you can create Virtual Credit Card with a specified amount of money by using your Bank Debit Card. Through this article, I am going to teach you "How to create a Virtual Credit Card using your Bank Debit Card".

Introducing Entropay:

Entropay is one of the leading Virtual Credit Card makers on the online. Millions of people were using Entropay Virtual Cards to pay their online Shopping and for many another purpose. Everyone with a Debit Card of VISA, MASTER, Etc can use Entropay. 


  1. You will get VISA Virtual Credit Card.
  2. You can generate Credit Cards starting from 5$.
  3. You can shop anywhere without giving your Personal Information.
  4. It will not take a long time to generate Card.
  5. It will not take any time to proceed the payment.
  6. You can use it Globally.
  7. It is safe to use.
In the case of a standard Card, People afraid to give their Card information with anonymous online services. Sometimes they will misuse your Credit Card information. Providing Card information to non-secure websites that not running any SSL service have a higher chance of missusing. But in the case of Entropay, It is very safe because we are not providing any Personal Information when we pay the money using the Card also they can't misuse your Card because of it's Prepaid System. 

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