Setup a Free Mobile Blog on MyWapBlog


MyWapBlog is one of the greatest blogging platforms for especially for mobile bloggers. There are two other mobile site builders on the Internet; one is Xtgem, and the other one is Wapka. All of them were providing Blogging Tools, but none of them are concentrating more on Blogging Tools. MyWapBlog was mainly focusing in Mobile Blogging, so they are providing everything that needs for Mobile Blogging such as SEO Tools, Meta Tag Descriptions, Alt Tag, File Hosting, Etc. Through this article, you are going to learn the features of MyWapBlog also you are going to learn "How to Setup a free Blog on MyWapBlog".

How to Set-up a Free Mobile Blog in MyWapBlog:

To create a Blog in MyWapBlog, you don't have to know any Programming Language. If you know any HTML Page Development and CSS Style Sheet Development, then it will be appreciated.
  • Go to MyWapBlog then Sign-Up for a new A/c.
  • Pick a "Username" That was available and SEO Friendly.
  • Pick a "Domain" that was easy to remember. 
  • Enter valid Email and other information and click on the "Register" Button.
Create a New A/c on MyWapBlog
  • You are Done.

How to Post a New Blog Post:

In the Dashboard of MyWapBlog, You can see a link named "Post" Under the "Add" Table. Click on that link and make a new blog post. The editor window looked fantastic, User can add Uploaded Files and Uploaded Image directly to the editor window in just two clicks. Users can add new Font Styles, Align the text's, Etc. The user also can edit the Date and Time before publishing a post.

How to Upload Files:

MyWapBlog users can Upload Files to their A/c storages. Also, they can publish the files while they publish new Blog Posts. Users can access File Uploading System under the "Add" Table by clicking the "File" Link. Users can upload 5MP Files at a time. They can also upload files through Email. Users can upload almost every file types.

How to Park Domain:

The user can Park Own Premium Domain to MyWapBlog Mobile Blog. By adding a Premium Domain, Users can make their privet authority and brand.

How to Verify MyWapBlog and Add it to Google Search Engine:

You can add your MyWapBlog Blog to Google and other various Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Etc. By Adding your blog on Search Engines, You can Increase your Search Engine Traffic. 

How to Earn Money from MyWapBlog:

If you have high traffic getting to your Blog, then you could make money. You can add Adsense Ads on your blog and make money. You can add UC-Union Ads and make money from it. MyWapBlog enabled options in Dashboard for every user to earn money from their blogs. 

How to Change My MyWapBlog Blog Theme:

MyWapBlog users can set Three Platform Themes through their Dashboard. 
  1. Default Mobile Theme.
  2. High-End Mobile Theme.
  3. Desktop Themes.
The visitors who are searching from old Phones will automatically turn to the "Default Mobile Theme". Visitors from Smartphone and Tablets will redirect to "High-End Mobile Theme" and Visitors from Desktop user will redirect to "Desktop Theme".

You can change or edit the Themes from the "Theme" Under the "Appearance" Table which located on the left side of MyWapBlog Dashboard.

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