Start a Web Oriented Business


It is very easy to start a website and earn money from it. Myself, I earned some money from my Web-Hosting business. My customer will pay me Rs:5000 per each Web Designing work. All I want to do that, Buy a Reseller Panel and learn some Programming Languages that help in Web Designing. I will buy Hosting Panel's through my Reseller Controle Panel and host the Web Site Design to the Hosting Panel. I also buy Domain through my Reseller Panel itself and earn money from it. There is a lot of other business you can do through The Internet by developing a website. Today through this article I will explain some procedure that you want to do when you think to start a business through the Internet. 

Research About Your New Business Idea:

Starting a web based business that already begun by millions of people will not make your commercial success. Always start a company that not started by anyone or rare on the internet. Starting a web based Company that related to News Media may be a success but start website or blog that related to Technology may not be a success because of their numbers. So Always start a website that rare or not started by someone else. 

Involving Partners on Web Based Business:

If you have both Money and Knowledge, then you don't require any partners unless you can call partners to your business. Some partners will help in Investments, and some partners will help in the Business section. It is better you to avoid silent partners from web-based business because it consists of hard work and Ideas to make a web based commercial success. 

Find a Domain for Your Business Website:

This is the third step that you want to do. Finding a good Domain Name for your Business website was a difficult task. Before selecting a domain for your business, you have to know what a Domain Name and what are things that can do on the Internet. You can learn it from the link address that given below this paragraph.
Some of the other things that you want to follow before buying a Domain are the following. It is my Personal Advice sometimes it may help you.
  • Domain name must be less lengthy and easy to remember.
  • Always design a logo in your heart when you register a Domain.
  • After you got a good Domain, Don't forget to register it fast before the development section start.

Recruit Crews for Developing the Website:

Now it's the time to recruit teams for the company. When hiring new staffs to our business, We must have to select the best and trained one. There is a lot a lot of languages available to develop websites such as PHP, Python, ASP.NET, Etc. First you need to decide the language that you want to use to build the site. In My case, I recommend PHP or ASP.NET because almost every developer know that two programming codes. So those who are well trained in those two languages, select them.

Time Dividing:

Now you need to decide a time to launch your website for people. Once you decide the time and date of launching website, Divide the days and time to 6 parts like the following.
  • Database Designing 1 Month.
  • Development 2 Month.
  • Data Entry 2 Month.
  • Alpha Test 1 Month.
  • Beta Test 1 Month.
  • Lunch The Website.
So it will take 7 Months to complete the project and launching it for people.

Office for Development:

It is better you to set up an office or workspace for your staffs for developing and discuss the project. Without having an office, You can't complete the project in the right time. If you have a workspace for your staffs, they can discuss each other, help them each other.

Final Step:

Once you completed the project, You have to arrange a launching ceremony of your website. You have to invite someone who is working or experienced with the same project like your project or something other that related to The Internet. You can also Invite people who are interested in web and software services. Through this way, you can earn more respect in one day. Try to attract News Media as possible to become famous. Also, attempt to design Visiting Cards for earning more respects and visitors.

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I hope you well enjoyed this article. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article. Please let us know by using the comment box that given below.