Remove security concept of xampp server


Xampp is one the web server which using millions of webmaster. It is very easy to run both PHP and Mysql Database using Xampp Web Server. Nowadays developers started to develop offline software using PHP. Developers were begun to build billing software and other useful software using PHP and run it using the Xampp. So it imperative to get access the PHP offline software through an IP address using the same network. Example, If a Schools was running software that developed with PHP, then the Principle must have to get access to the software through his computer and teacher's get access to their computer via the same network. Xampp can do this using the IPV. But to make secure the server, Xampp will not allow another computer to access the htdocs folder. It is very easy to break this security by editing some settings that found in the apache folder inside the Xampp server.

How to Remove the Security Concept of New Xampp Version 3.2.2: 

It is very easy to remove the security concept of Xampp Version 3.2.2, and I think the upcoming version too by just editing the "httpd-xampp.conf". According to the old version of Xampp Server new one have some changes in its file structure.

  • Go to "C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra" Or the drive which you installed Xampp server.
  • There you can see the "httpd-xampp.conf" file.
  • Open it with any editor like "Notepad".
  • Now you need to find "Alias /phpmyadmin "C:/xampp/phpMyAdmin/".
Xampp Security Concept Breaking
  • Add "Require all granted" like the image do above.
  • You are done.
Now you need to "Restart" your Xampp server in order to access it from another network. Use the IPv4 address to access Xampp from another computer that using the same network. You can view your IPV4 address by typing "ipconfig" on CMD in Windows. 

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