10+ Image Upload Php Script

Introduction :

We can see different types of file uploading systems on a website. Each of them has their specialty in the uploading style. Some of them may show uploading status, and some of them may show the preview of the image, Etc. Here I am going to post about 10+ PHP Image Uploading Scripts that developed using Ajax and Jquery.

PHP Ajax Image Upload:

It was a simple Image Uploading script; It will not show any loading or status while uploading an image into the server. But it will show the picture that uploaded on the right side of the uploading interface just like the picture does above.
Demo || Download

Upload Multiple Image With Preview Ajax & Jquery :

This file uploader will allow your users to upload multiple image file at a time with preview. It will not show any loading or status.

Jquery Drag and Upload:

Your users can drag and drop image files direct to a rectangular area to upload a picture. Visitors can also upload pics by clicking on the square area.

HTML5 File Uploader:

This script runs like the same Jquery Drag and Drop does. Your users can upload the file by drag and drop a specified area on the website. They can also upload the file by clicking on the area.

HTML5 Button Model Upload:

This upload script was so different from all the above file uploading script. On this script, it will show three buttons designed with HTML5 Canvas. Each button has its job. When clicking on the first button, it will show upload option. The second button will allow your visitor to delete the file, and the third one will allow the visitor to comment something about the archive.
Demo || Download

HTML5 File Uploading System in 5 Different Styles:

This script contains five different styles of file uploading system. All of them are doing the same function. This script was designed in a bright profession look. 

Ajax Image Upload With Resize Function:

This script was entirely different from the above scripts. This script allows you to resize the image to a specified size that you set inside the PHP script. This code also shows an image preview of the uploaded file.
Demo || Download

HTML5 Design PHP Image Upload Script With Staus Bar:

This picture uploading script will demonstrate the status of the uploaded image. It will also show the preview of the uploaded image after successfully uploaded it to the server.
Demo || Download

Mini Ajax File Upload Script:

If you are looking for a real attractive File Uploader, then I suggested this one. Your visitors can drag and drop a file to upload it to the server. Also, they can upload the file by clicking on a specified area. The uploader interface was designed using HTML5 Canvas. So it was looking professional.

Dropzone JS:

Drop Js has its unique style like Mini Ajax File Uploader script. This script was mainly designed with JS and Ajax. It will show status bar while uploading an image. Also, it will show a preview of the uploaded image.

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