Why Mobile Blog Better Than a Mobile Downloading Site


My people were asked me about "Why you aren't creating a mobile site." They were asking this question to me the question because they know about many individuals who are making lots of money by creating a mobile downloading site. I am not different from them. I also tried to create mobile site before I came to the world of blogging. Also earned some money from it. But in my case, I just stopped building mobile downloading site after let knows more about blogging. Here on this article, I will explain you "Why mobile blogging is better than a mobile downloading site.".

Site Traffic Comparison:

In the case of a mobile downloading site, they are mainly focusing on direct visitors. Because of enough text content on the page, they will not get well ranked on Search Engines. 

In the case of a mobile blog, It mainly focusing on Search Engine traffic. Created posts' will submit to Search Engines, and the search engine will send right traffic to the blog. 

Adsense Approval:

In the case of a mobile downloading site, they don't have a chance to get Adsense A/c approved. It is because of the illegal applications and songs uploaded to their site. Also because of less content's inside pages.

In the case of a mobile blog. It has a chance to get Adsense approved if the content of the blog is good.


Most of the mobile downloading site need daily updating. The mobile site without the update will lose its traffic within weeks. Because most of the mobile downloading sites are getting traffic directly to their site. If visitors found the site without any update, then they will go forward with other mobile sites.

In the case of a mobile blog, It will not lose its traffic if it wasn't maintained by day to day wise. It needs updating weekly base. Once a topic reach's first on Search Engines, It will take minimum 2 or 3 weeks to down the result. Within that period the blog must be updated. Otherwise, it will lose it rank on Search Engine and cause to decrease the traffic.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization):

Mobile Downloading sites having less text and image contents on it will not rank on Search Engines. Any wapsite with a minimum of 200 texts and at least two images on it may have a chance to get listed on Search Engines. To get listed on Search Engines the mobile site must have a "Sitemap.XML" and "Robot.TXT" File. Most of the mobile downloading site don't have this two files. Without this data, they can't submit to Google Webmaster Tools and other various Search Engines.

Mobile blogging sites are coming with "Sitemap.XML" and "Robot.TXT" files. So they don't have to worry about Search Engine submission. Also blog for blogging, So it must contain at least 2 or 3 images on it and a minimum of 300 text contents. 


Mobile Downloading sites need a high volume of memory space to upload the download files. Some wapsite builders were allowing unlimited space to upload files. A webmaster who is running their mobile sites on other premium server needs more income earned from their mobile sites to pay the rent of the server. So it is expensive.

Mobile blogging site doesn't require high volume server. Because bloggers will not upload a lot of attachments when they are creating blog posts. So it is cheap.

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