Learn Web Desiging From Home


The world is changing, The mentality of people also getting changed every day. In the earlier days, people don't know about responsive design and distinctive design for mobile phones. A good web designer must update their skills as per the shift of world to the next stage. This article will help you to become the best web designer. 

Basic Knowledge Required: 

To become an Engineer, you have to complete at least 10th. Otherwise, you can't be. Like that to become a good designer, You have to know the basic such as HTML, CSS, Java-Script, Etc. 

There is a lot of online course available on the internet to learn all the languages mentioned above. I am going to list some of the best online free course providing sites below.

Websites Providing
Codecademy Allow you to learn Html, Java-Script, CSS, Php, Etc with specialized tools and services. The good way to learn without losing energy.
W3schools W3schools has a real legacy in the web development tutorials. Millions of people using this website for learning codes.
Tutorials Point Like W3schools Tutorials Point also has a unique place in the heart's programmers. Lot's of developers using this site learn to program.
CSS Tricks CSS Tricks will allow you to learn CSS and some basic Html languages and some innovative tricks that make you a genius in web page designing.
HTML Dog Html Dog is the website which mainly focusing on the teaching of Html and CSS. So it will help you to learn Html in advanced level too.

After learning the basic step's to create web pages in Html and CSS, You have to learn Webhosting. Without learning web hosting, Web designers can't survive. So it is must acquire Web hosting at any cost.

There are lots of web hosting companies on the internet providing web hosting and domain registration service.

What is mean by Web Hosting: 

Web hosting is the process of storing web pages on a server and making it accessible from any area with computer devices. The stored web pages can be accessed by an IP address which pointed to the location of the web pages folder on the web server.

What is Domain Name Registration:  

It is very hard to remember the IP address of a web server to access a web page. So, for the easiness. The Domain names will help to convert the IP address to characters like the given an example.


On your web browser enter the following IP address, It will take you to Google.com. It is the intellectual property address of Google.com. People will not remember this IP address to access Google every time. So a Domain Name will help people to remember the address of a web server every time.  

How to Learn Web Web-hosting:

There are lots if free Web hosting providers on the internet, You can choose them to learn Web-hosting. Click on the below link address to get the complete list of free Hosting providers.

Learn Programming:

After learning Web-hosting, You have to learn Programming. HTML and CSS are used to make static websites. By using Programming Language, You can convert a static website to Dynamic one. Sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Etc are Dynamic websites because it allow users to do many thing than a static website.

You could learn Programming from lot's of website, Also you can prefer Youtube channels and Online Course providing sites to learn programming language.
You can also find lot's of other ways to learn Programming language on the internet by searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing, ETC.

Great Skill in Graphic Designing:

A web designer must have the skill to design images and other things which useful to design web pages. Graphics designers will use some of the following software to designing softwares.
  • Photoshop.
  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Coral Draw X versions.
You could learn this kind of software by downloading the trail version of it. Like what I said before, Learn all those things using YouTube channels and other useful blogs.

Search Engine Optimization:

After learning web hosting, You have to learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) This will help you to get some traffic to the website that you developed for your customer. Companies and the people who hire designers, Mainly choose the designer who does SEO with web designing.

There is lots of PDF Ebooks available on the internet to learn SEO. You could prefer this E-Books to learn about SEO. 
By learning SEO, You could make more money than just developing website. Big companies will hire SEO expert's to maintain their website and increase their sails. In today's world you can see companies were seeking for SEO Experts in JOB Portals and other Freelancing Directories.

Learn About SME Marketing:

SME Marketing means ( Social Media Marketing ). Like what I said in the case of SEO, SME marketing also has their own advantage. SEO will took long time to rank a website on search engines but SME marketing will take only less time to sent traffic to a website.

You can learn SME by using Facebook Advertising Prototype and Twitter Tutorials. You can also use Google Adwords free credits to learn about SME marketing strategies.


You could learn all the above things from your home itself with a PC that has internet connection on it. You don't have to go to any institution for learning this things. Try your best to do, You will get something lighten in your brain, Make it lighten more. You will be success. 

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