PHP Function Calling Inside Table Problem Solved


Some simple problems will make more headake than some other complicated programming. Today I just troubled with PHP Function. I tried to call a PHP Function inside a <td>, and it always shows outside of the table. I tried many tactics to avoid the problem. Nothing helped Me. Finally, I found the solution, and I am very interested in sharing them with you.

Most of We are using "echo" for showing output to the user. But there are other codes are available in PHP to display output to the user. Each of them has their own advantage. So using the "echo" everywhere in your programming is not always good.

How to Avoid The Showing Output of PHP Function Outside of The Table:

To avoid the problem. You have to use "return" code instead of "echo" in function. The below example will help you to understand what I tried to teach you.
function test()
  return $z;
From the above example code. The "return" code will help you to show the output correctly. So always try to use "return" for showing output from the function. The return code in php will end the function.

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I hope you learned how to solve the problem now. If you have any kind of suggestions or feedback related to this article. Please let me know by using the comment box that given below. Thanks