Run PHP Program Without Install Any Software in Your PC


There are lots of developers who building web applications using PHP Programming language. PHP can be run on a PC by installing Xampp or Wamp web server. The problem here is, People don't like to start the Apache and Mysql service every time to run the application work. Here, in this article, I will introduce a software which will help you to run PHP Program without installing Xampp or Wamp server. Also, it will help you to convert your PHP Web Application run's like a real software. I tested this one and working fine for me.

A Simple Story of Mine Forced to Find This Software:

The company that I am working now tell me to develop software that help's to manage their assets. I choose PHP for developing the software and finished it. I presented the software in front of the management, and they like it. I installed it on the manager PC by installing Xampp server and told him to start the Apache and Mysql service before using the software. The problem is they forget to initiate the service every time and call me for solve the problem. 

I checked for too many software which helps me to avoid the problem and finally I found this software and solved my problem.

Introducing PHP Desktop Application:

PHP Desktop Application is an open source software developed to convert PHP Program to native looks like software. This software will help us to run PHP Script without installing any web server like Xampp or Wamp. All you want to do that, Download the software move all your PHP program inside to a folder called "www" and run the software. 

If you are dealing with a customer, who doesn't like Web Application. You can use this software and make them believe that the software is developed in some other programming language.

Actually, PHP Desktop Application runs like a browser without tabs like history, address bar, Etc. Check it out by downloading the software.
Download the software from the above link and follow the step to convert your PHP Program to software that runs's without installing any web server on your PC.

How to Convert Your PHP Program to Desktop Application:

After download, the software unzips it and move to a folder. In the folder that you extracted the files can see a folder which named "www". Move all your PHP Files into it.

Come back to the root and there you can see a file which named "phpdesktop-chrome.exe" and see the magic. 
  • You are done
Create a shortcut to the  "phpdesktop-chrome.exe" and change its icon that will help you to impress your customer.

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