How to Convert Web Application or Website to Desktop Application


Hello friends.. It's been long time I write a blog. Sorry for that. I am having some busy schedules with My Company office works.

Yesterday I visited one of our company client. He need a software to manage his clients information. We just developed a small software for him with in 3 hour of time in PHP and HTML and presented to the customer. The joke is, He rejected the project because, the software running in a web browser. 

We confuse. Its gone be the same if the software developed in C# or ASP.NET. What we done is, We looked for a solution that help to convert website in to Desktop Application. 

Finally We found a solution.

We converted the software to Desktop Application - Linux - Windows - IOS & The customer is very happy with that.

How to Convert a Website or Web Application to Desktop Application:

Actually it is very easy to do that. 

There is a website which developed one of My friends. It will allows you to convert any website to Desktop application.

All you want to do, Just go to the website and provide the website address which you need to convert. Second step just hit the generate button and wait at least 2 minutes. 

Your Desktop Application is ready to download and share.

They also providing many other solutions such as Woocommerce App Builder - Website to Android App Builder - Etc.
I hope this article is helped you. Please share your feed back and help me to improve my blog posts. Thank you for reading this article.

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